About Us

About Us

Al Mubarek Radio is part of the Al Mubarak Foundation which exists to support people in UK and across the world. The Al Mubarak Foundation works alongside communities, charities to spread love and to reach out to those most in need. Located in Batley, we organise charity events and organise events to help and support our homeless people living on the streets locally.


Our late brother Umar Faruk Dhorat started Al Mubarek Radio from his conservatory in Batley in ****. The station proved popular and Umar’s dream grew bigger. He moved the operation to an office and then onto a studio. In 2015 our brother travelled to Bengal where he helped the needy; feeding the orphans, widows and the most vulnerable as well as starting to build a team to continue the work after he returned home. Today Umar’s work continues in Bengal and in the UK.


Sadly, Umar Faruk Dhorat passed away on 4th March 2018. May Allah grant him and all the marhumin their rightful place in Jannah.


But his legacy lives on through Al Mubarek Radio and Sarfarz Laher, and the work of the Al Mubarak Foundation continues to shine the light of Umar Faruk Dhorat in the world.

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